About Jason Kindig Photography

At the age of 15, Jason picked up his parents’ old manual Nikon and started photographing everything in sight. Soon after, he was given his first camera, and he hasn’t stopped shooting since. That gift was the beginning of a passionate photography career in which he has shot a wide variety of people, events and locations: weddings, mayors, Super Bowl parties, food, hotels, restaurants, chefs, World Series celebrations, football and much more.

Since discovering that first camera, Jason attended the University of North Texas where he completed a Bachelor’s in photojournalism and a minor in art photography. He has also continued his education by training under some of the industry’s top editorial and wedding photographers.

Jason’s professional career began at The Dallas Morning News where he learned the art of capturing moments with precision, passion, creativity and speed. He has taken that knowledge into every photo shoot since.

Above all, Jason believes in meeting each individual client’s specific photography needs. He gets to know you on a personal level so that his photography reflects your personality and style. Whether it’s a wedding reception or a corporate portrait session, Jason’s skill and talent will provide you with stunning photos.

When he isn’t photographing for clients, he is photographing for fun. That’s what makes Jason different: he truly loves the field. Whether it’s capturing a day of wakeboarding at the lake or photographing his famous homemade pizzas, Jason always has a camera by his side.

A Dallas native, Jason is a true Texan at heart; he loves barbecue, cowboy boots, long days at the lake and good company. And as true Texans go, Jason has a beautiful wife, Aynsley, and two rambunctious pugs, Tank and Loafer. If you’re lucky, you’ll meet all three of the most important people in his life: his wonderful family.